Rabbits Like Cages with Multiple Levels

A Multi-Level Rabbit Cage is super cool on so many levels. You can have fun for hours watching your little fuzz balls play inside their cage. If you have ever seen kids on a playground it’s like having your own playground in your living room. Rabbits like to explore and they are happy when you give them a lot of space to do their hopping and napping. You can enjoy watching them to see what levels they go on, and then put little toys or things that they enjoy having around them.

Underneath the cage itself there’s a shelf that can hold food and anything else you would want to put underneath. This is a great thing to have because you can put any extra supplies under so you can get them quickly. With the multiple levels, you will have so much more room to put in a litter box, a water bottle, and something they can climb in and out of like a box with a hole cut in it. Other cages that don’t have levels on them are usually much more cramped for space and cannot accommodate a lot extra items inside.

Stackable Cages Offer Tons of Space to Play

With a stackable rabbit cage you won’t have any issue whatsoever in entertaining your bunny rabbit. They will love being able to have their own little apartment and you can have a lot of fun watching them play. Your kids or you yourself will be able to create fun things for them to find in the cage. You can enjoy watching how they settle down inside and make it their own home. You can also separate them if they are having a tussle and need some alone time. With a little creativity, you can make a stackable rabbit cage into a very attractive area that your bunnies will love to come to feel safe in.

stackable rabbit cage

Rabbits need to feel comfortable and giving them a wide range of space to move about in makes them happy. You can adjust the height of each shelf and create a custom design to suit your personal preferences. This is one of the easiest cages to clean and has a large double door which can be opened without any difficulty.

A Cage with Lots of Room to Play, Sleep, and Eat

The main benefit of having a rabbit cage with multiple levels is that your pets will feel you truly care about them since you went out of your way to give them such a wide range to play in. Sleeping in such a cage is much less worrisome to a rabbit because they can go up higher if they are wanting to.

A single level cage is more confining and makes rabbits sometimes feel claustrophobic. You don’t want to make your rabbit anxious so if you have such a temperamental bunny that needs to be able to explore, then this is your cage.

You can basically get your rabbit to love being in the cage if you fill it with enough fun things for it to enjoy. You can even put a hammock in there or a perch for them to rest on.